New!  The Phil-Tone Intrepid Alto and Tenor!
(Reso Chamber Inspired)

Phil-Tone and the Intrepid Tenor is Endorsed by Bob Franceschini




NEW Phil-Tone Novella Jazz and Classic Alto: Short Shank Chamber


The Jazz Model supports a rollover baffle inspired by the music of Kenny Garrett.

The Classic Model presents with a traditional Soloist type baffle

Novella Jazz

Novell Jazz

Novella Classic

Novella Classic


Thank you for your interest in Phil-Tone saxophone mouthpieces. What began as a personal quest for the right setup has grown into a business serving musicians across the globe. A steadfast commitment to needs of the individual player and dedication to precision has stood behind the execution and design of each piece.

Phil-Tone mouthpieces are crafted in the USA from US certified materials.  They are balanced, adjusted, and extensively play tested in order to provide optimum performance. At Phil-Tone every mouthpiece is individually evaluated from a musical perspective so that each player receives the best possible experience.

The saxophone mouthpiece is the critical point in which we begin to merge with our instrument and realize our fullest potential. My personal goal is to help facilitate this event. It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of the music of so many. At Phil-Tone, it’s not just about the mouthpiece, it’s about the music.

*Bring Phil to your town….Ask your favorite music shop to carry Phil-Tone Mouthpieces.



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